Our Battle Cry

As everyone knows by now, buddy walk season is here. And in lieu of current events regarding the extinction of babies like my precious daughter hannah grace who was born with ONE extra chromosome, this isn’t just a fun little walk we do to parade our miracles around, ITS OUR BATTLE CRY. Sure the buddy walk is fun and the incentives for our teams are amazing and much appreciated but this event is so much more than that.

We MUST raise funds for our Down Syndrome Commuity. Why is this significant? These funds could mean the difference in an expecting Mother choosing LIFE over termination. I recently attended a Mentoring Meeting for us Mama’s and Daddy’s who are part of the DSAMT First Call Program. We are like a hotline for expecting and new families of children with DS. We are in place to be that first beacon of light, that voice of “CONGRATULATIONS! your child is beautiful”. We are positive reinforcements, the community army of families who want you to know that your child IS worth having. Worth a chance at life. Worth fighting for and worth being loved.

DSAMT is made up mostly of Volunteers, ones like us parents who are in the First Call group. Volunteers who bring meals and sunshine bags to the hospital. We pray with you, cry and laugh with you, and share our stories. We’ve been there. We know. We deliver sunshine in big yellow bags. and that wouldn’t be possible without the funds to fill those bags. To have the backing and support of someone who’s been in your shoes is not only priceless, but hope giving. You know you and your child will be ok. You have help. You have hundreds along side you cheering you and your little one on through every aspect of their lives and we clap with you every time a milestone is met, heck some of us create our own holidays for it lol! This is just ONE of the MANY things DSAMT does. THIS is why I love this non-profit and everyone in it. Alecia Talbott, Faithe Logan, Anne-Marie Clark, April Richardson Booten, and sooooo many more who have not only been my support, but my friends, and also like family. So when you donate to DSAMT, you are donating to your community, not a building. Your money can potentially save the life of a child, it can be the hope a mom and dad need to hear. So please join us on Nov. 4 at The Hermitage and march with us! It cost NOTHING to join Hannah’s team in the link below, but we ask for a donation of any amount to her team. We are looking for cooperate sponsors as well. Also please reply in the comments to order our amazing Team Shirt (pics below).

Please Donate HERE and register for Hannah’s buddy walk team. Thank you in advance!

It’s beautiful individuals like the ones you see below that you are supporting. There are babies who deserve to be born every day so they can live out their lives just like you and me and as you can clearly see, they love their lives…

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” Psalm 139:14

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