Upcoming Doll Tours

I created Doll Tours to support local non-profits in your area who share the same heart and mission as Paperdolls Photography. We will create a Doll Fundraiser tour in your area, and donate a portion of the session proceeds back to the organizations that mean the most to you, all while raising awareness and changing hearts across the globe.

To request a Doll Tour in your area click HERE so I can add you to the ongoing list of requested cities and states. 

Raleigh, NC- (May 21st-22nd 2022)

Western Slope & Denver, CO (JULY 23-24)

San Antonio TX-Morgans Wonderland

Dallas, TX-

New Orleans- (March 19th-20th 2022)

San Antonio TX-Morgans Wonderland June 12th-13 2021)



Little Rock, Arkansas (Oct. 23rd-24th)


Carmel, IN

Indianapolis, IN

Clearwater, FL

Jacksonville, FL

DENVER,CO September 7th-9th

Dallas, TX October 5th-8th

Atlanta, GA November 9th-11th

Indianapolis/Lafayette Indiana Sept. 14th-15th

Fayetteville, GA Sept. 28th-29th

Huntsville, AL OCTOBER 5TH

Denver & Boulder, CO OCTOBER 12TH-13TH

San Antonio, TX June 12th-13th

Denver, CO July 24th-25th

Roswell, GA Sept. 25th-26

Little Rock, AR Oct. 23rd-24th