Meet Our Doll Ambassadors

Doll Ambassadors are Self Advocates for Paperdolls Photography who tell their stories through portraiture and the beautiful words of their parents. A lot of our children are non-verbal but a single image can speak a million words to the heart and is understood in every language. Each child is unique with various abilities to share with the world. We believe differences are beautiful and that each ability is a gift.

You’ll see featured Ambassadors from all over the U.S. here sharing their extraordinary stories so others can see what a gift these differences really are. You’ll see children with Down Syndrome (like my own sweet daughter), ADHD, Autism, those who have overcome or are still fighting Cancer, Children who have CHD and Prosthetics, and those who are Typically Developing sharing their insight on how having friends with different abilities has impacted their lives and view of the world, and even some diagnosis you’ve probably never even heard of.

We want to UN-teach the negative connotations that surround various diagnosis by giving you the true and real information straight from the source itself instead of a text book version of it. We are all so very proud of our children and the people God created them to be. They were created ON purpose and FOR a purpose. “…Fearfully and wonderfully made”. Many tears fell from the eyes of the parents who wrote these stories for you because they poured their hearts into every word. At our very core, we just want the best for our children just like everybody else and to show the world that we are all more alike than different. These are children, not labels or accidents, but beautiful individuals who have emotions, dreams, likes and sass just like everyone else. Don’t judge someone based on a diagnosis, but instead let them show you what they are capable of. Don’t make assumptions, because if you let them, they might just teach you a little something special;) Enjoy these beautiful faces and share with your friends so they too can have a reason to smile today.

Click Images below to read about each child and their unique abilities. More coming soon!

Ruby Rae-Down Syndrome Ambassador


Scarlett-Down Syndrome Ambassador


Alexander-Friend to those of all Abilities



FINN-Hypoplasia Corpus Callosum 


Emily & Elizabeth-Sibling Ambassadors 


Johnathan Ray- Down Syndrome Ambassador


Weston-XYY Syndrome Ambassador


EMMA JO-Down Syndrome Ambassador


E.J.- Down Syndrome Ambassador






Sam-Down Syndrome Ambassador


ENOCH-Down Syndrome Ambassador


Chloe-Williams Syndrome Ambassador


Dawn-Down Syndrome & CHD Ambassador


Palyn-Down Syndrome Ambassador


Nataley-Down Syndrome Ambassador




Jaxon-Cerebral Palsy Ambassador


Clara- Down Syndrome Ambassador


SCRHAM SISTERS-Down Syndrome Ambassadors


Lila-Down Syndrome Ambassador


Coraline-Down Syndrome Ambassador



Lucas-Gerber Baby2018 DS Ambassador

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