Dear Hannah Grace, You Did It!

Today is the day my amazing, Hannah Grace. And I say, “day” because technically it’s 1:35 in the morning at the time I begin to write this because your Mommy is restless in anticipation of one of the many moments I’ve dreamed of since the literal day you were born. I was totally going to get you a card for today, but ya know, they just don’t sell the 10-page ones that I needed to say what I wanted to say, haha so I’m makin’ my own;) So here I sit with happy pride-filled tears thinking about all of the things you’ve worked so very hard to accomplish since you took your first breath. You’ve overcome so much even when the odds were against you. You came into this world 2 weeks early and haven’t slowed down since; always doing things in your own time and teaching me to slow down and enjoy this journey we call life.

I will read this to you in a few hours, but I want you to read it when you’re older too and know that I am, and always will be so very proud of you not just for your hard work in all the things you do precious girl, but for WHO YOU ARE. I also want you to feel proud of yourself for the person Jesus made you to be. And please know that I see you. I saw you then, I see you now, and I will always see YOU. You are not invisible. I see you working extra hard every day to the very best of your abilities. You are the hardest working person I know, not to mention, the most determined. I will always be in the background cheering you on. Likely the loudest clapping; most ugly crying one of them all, but still always and forever there for you. I believe in you not just because of your persistence, but because of who your Creator is, and we both know what a perfectionist He is because of course to me, you’re His greatest masterpiece:)

I look at you all the time asking myself why God chose me to be your Mom… ‘How can something this wonderful really be mine?’ I feel like God has given me this extraordinary gift (turns out, that’s exactly what He did). A gift that I get to love and experience every single day. That gift, my beautiful world-changer, is YOU. You’re a lot like the sunrise in a way…always so bright, full of life, incredibly beautiful, and ready to take on a new day, shining just as bright and colorful as the day before with some kind of new joyful beauty to display. You certainly are ‘my sunshine, my only sunshine…’.

Hannah, you are so full of love. And not just any ol’ kind of love. Ohhhhh no, a regular kind just wouldn’t do for you because you’ve got that lil’ something extra kind of love about you that humbly demands others take notice. You my darling, are on a whole other level of awesome that I will never fully comprehend (must be that extra chromosome of yours;). You have this crazy ability to both confound me yet simplify life all in the same millisecond. How do you do that by the way? That’s a super cool mind-blowing kind of trick I need you to teach me someday;)

Today is YOUR day. You will [likely very timidly] walk across the stage and accept your Kindergarten diploma. You might even cry, but hey, I’ll be crying too so you’re in good company;) And, you don’t know this yet but your sweet teacher says you are getting not one, but two special awards! One is for being such a hard worker, aka the ‘Soaring towards success’ Award, and the other comes as no surprise either…you’re getting ‘The Enthusiastic Praiser’ Award “for praising God with so much joy and energy”, she said (apparently you are quite the worshipper in Chapel;) I hope you always have that beautiful, full of joy, in the moment innocent spirt of yours.

But of all the awards you may get in life, let Jesus always be the number one prize you strive for. I am so proud of both your awards, but when you saw me randomly burst into happy tears yesterday, well that’s why. You’ve got your heart and priorities in the right place and you’re only 6 years old. Don’t ever forget that Jesus isn’t just one important thing in your life, but let Him always be THE EVERYthing in your life. If you do that my sweet girl, you will be unstoppable. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Always and forever I am your biggest cheerleader, watching and celebrating your every accomplishment. You deserve all the things, all the love, and all joy that comes your way. You are so worthy and I love you so much Hannah Grace, and am so proud of you! Congratulations my life-changing miracle daughter, YOU DID IT! Happy Kindy graduation day!

Love your Mama


  1. I have watched you and Hannah since the first time you were on Facebook, not only is Hannah a joy a miracle but she has a fantastic mommy. I pray you both will keep Jesus in your heart and he will always have his arms around you both. Stephanie your letter to Hannah made me cry but so thankful you shared. Congratulations Hannah now you will be a big first grader. Enjoy it! Love you both

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