It started with a dream. At 8 weeks pregnant, I had a vision of a little baby girl. I hugged her in my arms, and noticed her pretty blue eyes. I noticed their almond shape and I knew. I was flooded with love for her, and hugged her even tighter and the dream was over. 

This dream was a foreshadowing in my life. You may call it mother’s intuition, but I believe God was preparing my heart and giving me a gift to cling to during the first months of my daughter’s life when I was grieving her Down syndrome diagnosis. He had shown me that the love I would feel for her would far outweigh any fear or trepidation I had over her diagnosis. He had given me a glimpse of the future to hold on to when I was holding my sweet little baby with her beautiful blue eyes, and feeling so afraid those first days after she was born. 

Now that tiny baby is 3, and let me tell you, she lights up our lives like no other. She brings incredible joy and love and laughter to everyone who has the privilege of knowing her. She is smart, sassy, and sweet. Our little girly girl with a tom boy mom is her own person through and through. I look back and can’t recall what I was so afraid of. She has changed us for the better in so many ways and we wouldn’t change a thing about her. We know that God has big plans for our little girl and that He knew what He was doing creating her exactly as she is.