Our journey started off when I was 10 weeks into my pregnancy. We were given the opportunity to have a DNA prenatal test to check for chromosomal issues and it would also give us the sex of the baby. To my husband and myself the test was just a early predictor of the gender. To be honest Down Syndrome was never a concern. About a week later I received the phone call while at work that we would be having a precious baby girl and that there was a 99% chance of trisomy 21.

   Endless emotions and questions. How? Why? We met with my OB/GYN that afternoon to discuss options and further testing. We were shocked and even almost offended when we were asked if we planned on resuming the pregnancy. Of course we would be continuing with the pregnancy. We were given the option to have further testing, but those tests came with the risk of termination. Although small that was a risk we did not want to take. We knew that nothing would change the fact that in the end we would have ourselves a baby girl.

    We knew that with Down Syndrome came the risk of heart and/or other complications. We wanted her to be healthy, but just in case, we wanted to be prepared. Months of appointments and tests with a maternal fetal doctor ruled out any kind of heart or health problems.

    Fast forward to the early morning of January 18th, 2018 at 37 weeks and 6 days I went into labor. This would be the day that would forever change our world. This would be the day we would meet our baby girl. This would be her birthday. At 5:08 pm we got to meet our down right perfect daughter, Palyn.

    After a test prompted a transfer to another hospital and a 6 day NICU stay (issue not related to down syndrome) we were headed home. The first week was terrifying. We had no idea what to expect. Not because of her diagnosis, but because she was a tiny, little human and we’re first time parents.

    This little girl has been our greatest accomplishment and is the joy of our lives. A diagnosis of down syndrome is not the end…. It is the beginning of a beautiful life full of hugs, kisses, smiles, and love.  Our Palyn will do great things in her life and we are so excited to be able to advocate with her during this journey.

There is nothing down about it!