Paperdolls Photography 2018 Jacksonville FL Tour Fundraiser…The Beach Dolls!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to meet you all and introduce you to my sassy toddler, Hannah Grace, lol! When I went on tour last year to various states, I met so many amazing families who are now life long friends. The hardest part about having out -of- state clients is missing them dearly. It’s that extra special connection that we share with our kiddos that connect our hearts no matter how many miles apart we are, and it’s going to be such a blessing to meet you all and tell your amazing stories through beautiful portraiture all while helping to support your local Down Syndrome Association! So who can Participate? EVERYONE AND ANYONE! I accept ALL abilities…Why? Because Inclusion Matters…Everyone Matters. ” I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” Psalm 139:14

I know many of you already know of me, but for those of you who don’t…My daughter, Hannah Grace (now 4) was born with Down Syndrome. My (then) husband chose not to accept her diagnosis and left us when she was only 5 days old with 3 holes in her heart and possible leukemia…He said, “she’s defective”. That word he used shattered my heart for her future because if her own flesh and blood wouldn’t accept her…who would? This left my daughter and I virtually homeless living in hotels and couch surfing; living off of limited government food programs having to pawn my wedding rings for additional food and bills. Fast forward 2 years to 2016… I had prayed for a platform to advocate for my daughter and others like her to change the negative perceptions society has of children with special needs so that what happened to us wouldn’t continue to happen to others. My employer at the time who was a pro videographer saw some images I had taken of Hannah with my iPhone and said “you have a gift” and urged me to get a ‘real’ camera. After arguing with him like he was crazy because I’m horrible with technology lol, I finally got one and the Lord used our mess and turned it into a literal miracle and has given me a testimony for others to see our children through the same lens Jesus does…the lens of unconditional love and acceptance. Within only days of posting my first collection of images, I had media from all over the globe including Washington D.C. contacting me wanting to know “why are you photographing so many children with special needs?” So I happily obliged them, and our story spread like wildfire and hasn’t stopped since and my daughter had her first TV debut at just 2 years old and has become the global sweetheart of the special needs community. My images are internationally published and my project partner, Phil Clark and I now have a book that is being reviewed as we speak by the largest Christian Publisher in world!

I am grateful everyday for this gift God has given me to be able to connect with our children in a way that is so special and incomprehensible to me, teaching the world to love like Jesus does. I can’t wait to meet your amazing families and include you on our amazing journey in helping others see our children the way we do…beautiful, capable, and loved.

So now that you have my back story, let’s get to the good stuff…The Fundraiser! All session pricing includes premium editing/ post processing, time and talent of the photographer (aka-‘sitting fee’), number of digital images included in the package you choose, and a gorgeous online gallery including ALL of your best shots that you can purchase your stunning prints and canvas from and any additional digital images you may want. (Due to so many families wanting to purchase the ENTIRE digital galleries that option will now be available for you too:) 

Below you will find 3 Beach Packages to choose from for this fundraiser. Of course the longer the session, the more variety and shots you will have to choose from. If the session is for the whole family, I will get shots of the entire family as well as shots of just the kiddos, sibling shots, individual shots etc.. (I recommended either the 30 or 40 minute session for families of 4 or more). If the session is just for the child/children, then of course the entire session will revolve around your sweetheart/s.  

10% of each session fee will be donated back to DSAJ. So share with all your local friends! This is my way of giving back to others who have the same mission and heart as Paperdolls Photography. I appreciate all of our DSA families more than you could ever know as my local Nashville DSA is very near and dear to my heart for the impact they make on our daily lives, as I know yours is as well. It takes people with beautiful hearts to run our local non-profits to really make a difference in our children’s lives and futures. And I am honored to partner with yours on this amazing and unique fundraiser in your area as we continue to raise awareness and change hearts one stunning image at a time.

PACKAGE 1 $475 includes

  • 40 minute Premium Portrait Beach session
  • 10 digital images

PACKAGE 2 $375 includes

  • 30 minute Premium Portrait Beach session
  • 7 digital images

PACKAGE 3 $275 includes

  • 20 minute Premium Portrait Beach session
  • 3 digital images

All sessions will take place at Hanna Park Beach.

TO BOOK simply CLICK HERE and select ‘Beach Dolls’ then just list which package you want and what your first and second choice days are to book on (May 17th-20th) in the comment section, then you will be sent the available time slots I have left for those days to choose from. After you’ve chosen your time slot, you will be sent your invoice…Please Note: Due to the high demand of sessions and limited availability, invoice fees are due in full immediately at time of booking to secure your session. You will be invoiced via email and pay straight from there. Your spot will not be held until payment is confirmed. Sessions spots are on a first come first serve basis. Session fees are non refundable. We are looking to raise significant funds for your non-profit-not just a few dollars here and there so be sure and share with your local friends! Please be sure to check all email folders for your invoice, as your email may filter it outside of the main inbox.

See you in the sunshine soon!!! Enjoy the tearjerker video below of our amazing miracles we call our children! And please browse The gorgeous full Doll Collection to see hundreds of beautiful miracles from all over the U.S.