Paislie, Corrie, & CJ

Special needs adoption was not what we originally set out to pursue after having two biological children. However, we are thankful for all the ways God led us up this path. We see how God planted seeds into our hearts, for individuals with special needs and how He miraculously led us to each and every person we needed along our adoption journey. We felt the prayers that were prayed over us daily and we knew God poured power, strength, wisdom, and grace over us as well. We were certain that God provided us with discernment along the way and through that, we had complete peace to say yes, not only once; but three times to a precious one with Down syndrome.

To say our entire family’s lives were changed, for the better, would be a huge understatement.  Our lives, perspective, love, acceptance, and priorities changed in ways we never dreamed of. Our faith in Christ grew stronger, our love for one another became deeper, our outlook on life and acceptance of others became clearer and more open, and our priorities became more centered in Christ. Our family has also grown through the immense amount of support we’ve found. We have doctors, therapists, Down syndrome associations, local parent groups, other adoptive families, and the list goes on.

While parenting a child with Down syndrome has not come without some challenges, I’d never want this life, my family, these precious girls any other way than this. We feel closer to our Creator, more aligned within our calling, and undeserving of this incredible gift.

Paislie…You came into our lives in a way that is only described as miraculous. You opened our eyes to a whole new world, a better world, a more loving and joyful world. We look into your eyes and see something so true, so pure, so precious… We see the love of Christ. An unconditional, perfect, and deep love like no other. You are joy, you are life, you are our everything! We don’t feel deserving of such a blessing and we are humbled by the privilege of being your parents. Never question your beauty, always find your identity in Christ, and continue loving others always.

Corrie… We thought we’d never have the chance to meet you and here you are… Our daughter. You are tough, you are resilient, you out cuddle anyone, and your laughter exudes pure joy. We longed for you, we prayed for you, we fought for you and after 21 months of waiting for you, we’ll never have to live without you. Don’t lose your desire to love your family and others, never forget that you were worth the long wait, and always know you are cherished more than you will ever know.

CJ (Courtnie Jessica)… You have worked for every single second of your existence. You survived moments that others might not have. You endured painful procedures we wished we could have taken for you. Even so… You still have a smile that lights up the darkest days, your spirit shines just as bright, your eyes speak words that your mouth can’t produce, your strength far exceeds your bodily capabilities, and your will to live and love life is inspiring. Don’t stop fighting, ever! Never doubt your strength and always believe that you can.