Molly joined our family through adoption.  I first saw her face on our adoption agency’s waiting child list, she was only 18 months old at the time but her eyes and smile showed a spirit that I couldn’t yet put my finger on.  We proceeded with her adoption and on January 9, 2017 she became our daughter at the age of 2.5 years old. 
Molly was our 8th child, 5th through adoption, and her list of medical needs were long.  She has VACTERL association which means she has a combination of birth defects that are often seen together.  She had a tethered spinal cord that required surgery her first year home.  She has a lifelong colorectal condition that requires daily maintenance.  She has a congenital heart defect that required emergency surgery in China and will require surgery in the future.  She has a single kidney that will always need monitoring.  And, her left leg has two congenital malformations which required an amputation at 3 years old and she can now walk with the use of a prosthetic. 
You would never know by looking at her that she has such a long list of medical needs, of course people see the prosthetic, but her tiny body has many scars to show how much she has fought and won.  People have said to me “at first you want to feel sorry for her but you realize really quick that she can do anything”.  That is the truth!  In the time that she has been our daughter there is not a single thing that I have seen Molly not do because of her limb difference.  She climbs stairs, jumps on the trampoline, scales rock walls, climbs on chairs to get cups from the cabinet like her brother does, she can hop faster than some 4 year olds can run and she does it all with a smile.
Molly is strong and brave and independent. She is resilient and has perseverance that would make any adult think twice before giving up on something.  She is full of sass and determination.  She is one of the funniest 4 year olds I have ever known, she loves being silly!  She loves to play with dolls, watch Peppa Pig, play outside with her brothers and sisters, pretend to cook, and sneak food when she thinks no one is looking.  She is also one of the best snugglers ever.  She is the baby of our family but has taught us all what it looks like to keep trying when things are hard.  She will always have what our world considers struggles in her life but please don’t ever think that makes her, or anyone like her, less than perfect.
If you have ever thought about special needs adoption, please reach out to us, we would love to help answer any questions you may have.