Johnathan Ray

Johnathan Ray is the light of our family. From the time he was born he amazed us all. While I was still pregnant with Johnathan I was in a severe car accident breaking two bones in my leg and needed surgery. Johnathan fought hard like the brave little boy he is. When I went Into labor I could feel something was wrong. I went to the hospital and they hooked me up to all the cool baby stuff. The doctor came in immediately and put the most fear into my heart. Johnathans heart was slowing with every contraction. They rushed me into an emergency cesarean and put me completely under.

When I came to after surgery i had a 5 pound 13 ounce baby boy. They rolled my beautiful son over to me in his little bassinet and handed him to me. That was when I knew my baby was different. Hours later a pediatrician came in to have a talk with me and what they had found during and after delivery. Johnathan had little to no amniotic fluid so his skin was severely dried out and cracked. His umbilical cord was very thin, which is why they say he was so tiny. His body wasn’t getting oxygen the way it was supposed to and he could not regulate his body temperature. The last thing the doctor said to me was “ we noticed a few signs on your son as we were doing our after delivery check. He is showing signs of having Down syndrome.”

I was only 18 years old. I completely lost it at that point. I didn’t understand what I had done. It didn’t take but a day for me to realize that Johnathan was the biggest blessing in my entire life. Now he’s 7 years old, in first grade, and rocking his extra chromosome like no one has ever rocked it before.