The DSDN Rockin Mom Retreat is coming to my neck of the woods in 2019 and I’m freaking out excited!

Many of you are already Dolls and know me but for those of you who don’t, I’m the one behind the Paperdolls Photography camera…I’m also known as ‘Hannah Grace’s Mom’ lol-but I promise I do have a real name…It’s Stephanie Mullowney, and I am an internationally published photographer specializing in special needs portraiture. 

Why do I do this? Well, that’s what the global news media wanted to know too when I first started this journey almost 3 years ago. The short version is that my daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth and my [ex] husband caller her “Defective” and left us at 5 days old with 3 holes in her heart and possible leukemia. We were virtually homeless after that, living in hotels, couch surfing and on WIC for food, no car, and no hope-LOTS of prayers though. How could a parent [or anyone] deem a child as ‘unworthy’ because of ONE extra chromosome? This sparked a flame in me that God turned into a raging and unquenchable fire, and made me into the Warrior I never dreamed I’d be (You can find the ‘Letter to my Daughter’ HERE for our full story, but grab your tissues-I promise you’ll need them.) My universal mantra is ‘Look with your eyes. See with your heart’. This is my anthem because had my ex seen with his heart, my daughter would likely have a daddy today. Many other littles would be accepted if only others would see past the labels. So I use my platform to #advocatelikeamother for the individuals out there who aren’t able to advocate for themselves. I tell their stories through portraiture changing perceptions and hearts one extraordinary image at a time.

My home base is here in Nashville, TN (only about 15 minutes from where the Opryland Resort is FYI!!!) I have families who come here from all over the U.S. throughout the year for sessions but THIS moms retreat is like Rockin’ heaven in Nashville Y’all!!!(forgive my redneck accent in advance;) So those of you who are coming -ummmm THIS COULD NOT BE A MORE PERFECT TIME BC YOU’LL ALREADY BE HERE!!! I am donating 20% of ALL session fees to the DSDN that are booked by Rockin’ Moms who are attending the retreat so its even a BIGGER DEAL! Sessions will be tallied the day after the booking deadline and posted to fundraising page. 

You guys will be on my turf, so any type of session can be booked including my custom set design sessions for littles which I can’t do when I tour out of state because of the time it takes to build them. OH and I’ll also be doing sessions for those rockin’ mamas who aren’t bringing their families but would love pics with their tribe!!! Y’all I have 3 indoor studios and am on over 100 acres of land with creeks, a barn, horses, trails, meadows, etc IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL HERE!

THESE. WILL. SELL. OUT. There are hundreds of you and only one of me and a short time period-not to mention that Autumn is a super busy time for me in general. You guys will be wanting pics for fall and Christmas cards in 2019 anyways, so might as well book em while you’re here in Nashvegas for one of the most amazing events you’ll ever attend all while supporting the DSDN! So jump on this while you can and snag your spot ASAP and welcome to Music City U.S.A.!

See my existing Dolls, News Media, Doll Ambassadors, and Celebrities HERE (yes the cast of Born this Way is in my portfolio SWOON!) Chances are you’ll see someone you know!