SUMMER IS HERE and I want to do something super fun for the kiddos this year!!! Not to mention inexpensive! Ah..NOW you’re listening lol! These are very LIMITED and I’m only doing them for a few days in July so be sure to read to the end for dates!

Oh siblings-aren’t they just adorable? Sis is all fancied up putting that last 17th bow in her hair while brother is chasing her with his latest insect find. Some of my favorite memories of my childhood were the ones of my brother and I as we pestered each other to no end lol! I wish I had pictures of some of the silliness we got into-Mudhole pools, mud pies, secret gardens, and a lot of “Don’t tell Mom!” Let’s capture that chaotic beauty and give them something to look back on when they’re older. Don’t have a sibling? No prob! Then bring your bestie and lets capture the crazy of childhood! If it involves getting messy we’re gonna do it! The kids won’t even know they’re in the middle of a photo session! Here are your session themes to choose from…

  • Mud Fight!
  • I SCREAM YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM! (sprinkles, chocolate syrup you name it! kids top their ice cream (and each other, lol) and get super messy!)
  • FISHIN IN THE CREEK! (old timey stick and string poles, metal buckets, and high-water suspenders equals ADORABLE)
  • TUTU’S AND NO SHOES! (girls will be girls but lets face it, sometimes we wanna be tom boys too and just wear our princess clothes and play in the dirt and creek all while keeping our tiara’s straight) I have a few tutu’s up to size 3T if you don’t have any:) How adorable would it be to have 3 little girls all doing ring around the rosy in their tutu’s all covered in mud?! 
  • Color Fight! (Wear white for this one!)

 session includes:
-time and talent of photographer (aka sitting fee)
-post processing
-premium editing
-online gallery
-shared online gallery(for those bringing friends)
-digital image details below

How much? Well here’s how the pricing will work for this one…Drum Roll Please! 

  • Only $75/child!
  • 1 child gets a 20 minute session    @75 and choice of 1 theme from list
  • 2 children get a 30 minute session @75/child choice of 1 theme from list
  • 3 children get a 40 minute session @75/child choice of 2 themes from list
  • 4 children get a 50 minute session @75/child choice of 2 themes from list
  • 5 children get a 60 minute session @75/child choice of 3 themes from list

3 digital images will be included in your session per child. For instance if there are 3 kiddos, each family will receive a beautiful shared online gallery that includes ALL of your best shots from the session. Each family will be given a different code to use for your 3 included images. And of course if you love more than your 3 included, you may purchase more and/or share pics between friends. So an easy opportunity to get most or all of the gallery pics without having to purchase additional ones. You may also purchase prints, canvas, wood, and metal from your gallery as well!

See, I told ya you’d like it! This is the first Collection of it’s kind. So bring your friends! THIS WILL BE A BLAST! Not to mention a PERFECT opportunity to earn Referral Session minutes as discussed in depth in the previous email! If you didn’t see that one, check your junk mail!  Bring towels and an extra change of clothes of course and you guys can AS ALWAYS use my restroom to get cleaned up:)

These sessions are only available for a few days in July which means spaces are very limited! Here are the available dates to book (exact times of day will be discussed at time of booking) Due to high demand of sessions, as always session fees are due in full at time of booking.

July 1st
July 3rd
July 5th
July 6th
July 7th
July 8th
July 22th
July 24th
July 28th
July 29th

Call 931.215.2937 or reply to this email to book! First come first serve as always!