He loves ME.FYI!!! This piece of art was recently chosen to be included in another piece of art to be displayed in the worlds only all inclusive amusement park’s new art gallery! Exhibits will open Oct. 2nd 2022 in Morgans Wonderland MAC center in San Antonio, TX.

Above is an example of the incredible style of the specialized editing effects of Dispersion Art. I’m getting this one of Hannah Grace printed by my print lab likely on metal and with the poem and verse (shown below) printed as well to be next to it because this scripture means so much to me personally. To see this image on my wall will be a constant reminder of not only God’s unconditional love for my daughter and the purpose she was created with, but for all of us…

He loves ME, He loves me NOT bc I’m perfect. He loves ME, He loves me NOT bc I deserve it. He loves ME, He loves me NOT bc I’m worth it. He loves ME, He loves me NOT bc I’ve earned it. He loves, ME. “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9

This type of session is for anyone who loves and appreciates artwork with a deeper meaning/ artistry that tells a story/ or just to have amazingly unique imagery of the ones you love hanging on your wall.

Beautiful one-of-a-kind dispersion custom hand edited effects will be used in this creation process and is a form of Custom Fine Art and Compositing all rolled into one. There are several editing techniques that are used here, (too many to list) and all are completely custom. Your subject will be prompted in various ways to achieve the special posing we want, and photographed fine art portraiture style at your choice of either here in studio with solid fine arts background, or outdoors (ask me for locations available to do these at if you want a place other than our farm here). Then, artwork is customized specifically for the story you want told of your subject through the Art of Dispersion.

This type of imagery makes for amazing conversation pieces. As you can see, it looks as if most of the body is in tact and the outer edges of it are either floating away, or coming together depending on the story we’re telling. It looks as if it’s alive and you can see the motion and story unfolding-almost as if it’s breathing. The various floating pieces are shaped to represent the things that mean the most to you to tell the subjects story. For instance, if you are a lover of music, then music note ‘pieces of you’ would be created for this dispersion artwork. If for a maternity session of a Mama who’s having a rainbow baby, then the her ‘pieces’ could be represented by rainbows to depict the sweet baby she lost. For a child who is Autistic, their dispersion shapes could be puzzle pieces that are represented on the awareness ribbons. How bout’ a Christmas Angel Snow Dispersion? YES PLEASE! The possibilities are endless and the dozens of pieces/shapes are created to perfectly match your skin tones, hair, and wardrobe so everything has the perfect fit together as it’s being dispersed. These are not your typical portraits. These art pieces are incredibly eye-catching, and are intended to be not only awe-inspiring and mesmerizing to look at, but also thought provoking telling a story all of their own. They are perfect heirloom art to be passed down to family members and make amazing one-of-a-kind treasured gifts as well.

How these packages work: Because each image is unique and it takes multiple hours to create dispersion art, we have to book these a little differently than typical portrait sessions. So, you will book the Dispersion Package below in order for me to get the fine arts shots I need for special posing etc. Then let me know how many images you want with the dispersion art effects on them, (you’ll pay for those along with your session package upon booking).

Please Note: This type of artwork is best with one subject at a time due to the amount of empty space and compression of the background needed in the image for the dispersion pieces. So if you have multiple children you’d like this done for, we would need individual shots of them so they can each have their own unique look and piece of art.

Build your Dispersion Art Package Below: Package Price is ($299) + Total price of number of Dispersion creation Images you’d like, equals your booking price.

Dispersion Package:$299 includes: 15-minute outdoor dispersion portrait session

How many Dispersion Art Creations do you want from this session? See Below…

Images created with Fine Art Dispersion Effects are $325 PER image created with these stunning artistry effects. Let me know how many you would like created from your session at time of booking.

Wardrobe will be discussed after booking.

Need some ideas for your art pieces? Just ask me:)!

As always, session fees are due at time of booking to hold your spot and are non-refundable.

Unconditional Love
Emerge from Your Chrysalis